Frannie + Hesham

There are so many great wedding  facilities in Atlanta, you can pretty much throw a stone in any direction and hit a unique venue. But there is something special about the Old Courthouse on the Square that really stands out to us. Maybe it's the proximity to our Kirkwood cafe, being that the historic courthouse is just a hop, skip, and jump away from us in downtown Decatur. Or maybe it's the rich history that the once practicing courthouse holds. We can't put our finger on it exactly, but we do know that we are charmed by the place every time. See what kind of spell the Old Courthouse can cast on you as you check out Photosynthesis Studio's amazing images from Frannie + Hesham's ceremony and reception.

See what we mean? All that beautiful granite adorned with French Market Flowers' blooms and lots of candlelight, the Old Courthouse is, in a word... lovely. 
After the ceremony, guests enjoyed wild mushroom pastry purses with fontina b├ęchamel, pistachio + coconut chicken satay with lime + cilantro coulis, and duck confit + dried bing cherry chutney on crostini. Frannie + Hesham's buffet dinner menu included a mixed green salad with local tomatoes + fried vidalia onions,  myer lemon roasted chicken breast, and miso glazed salmon topped with blueberry compote. Sides like mushroom ravioli tossed in a light tarragon cream sauce + asparagus spears, broccoli raab + lima bean saute with scallion creme fraiche + lemon zest, and roasted fingerling potatoes with truffled mushrooms were served up too. Dee-lish.

We can't wait until our next celebration at the Old Courthouse on the Square. Until next time!


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  1. Yeah I completely agree that there are just great wedding facilities in Atlanta. There are so many reception halls in Atlanta that you can select as per your budget and number of guests. I had an intimate wedding so I had booked a small venue but it was very pretty.