Kendall + Patrick: Sneak Peek

When a little girl imagines her wedding, she probably doesn't let her mind wander nearly as far as Kendall's must have to dream up this incredible weekend extravaganza wedding in Highlands, NC. Truly breathtaking; from the scenic mountainside venue, Kendall's family's vacation home, to the elaborate decor elements brought in all the way from New Orleans, to the lovely couple themselves. Kendall and Patrick's wedding was so captivating that we are still in awe of it, but can't quite find the words to express it, so to get an idea of why we are so love-struck with this wedding, watch this amazingly beautiful video created by Inkspot Crow Films.

It's okay if you're having trouble breathing, it happens to us every time we watch it too. Simply amazing, right? It has to be mentioned that the brilliant minds at I Do Events and Urban Earth Studios contributed so much to this wedding, and it would have never taken flight without their dedication. We asked our wonderful Amber Fouts to shoot some behind the scenes footage, so here's a small taste of the wedding that must have been built from a dream.Want more? Just wait until you see the photos Genya at Vue Photography shot during the blowout celebration, coming to a blog near you soon. We can't wait to bring you more of Kendall and Patrick's wedding, but until then, you can also check out the fall issue of Unveiled to read and see more about how this magical wedding came to life. 
Stay tuned for some more Kendall + Patrick gushing.

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